“You can share messages, why not blood? No one has ever become poor by giving. So, Donate blood."


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Why Pathway Blood Care

Pathway Blood Care provides 100% free Services for the sake of Allah. Our creator Almighty.

All Data is Secured

Pathway Blood Care refers to the fact that the blood donation database managed by Pathway Blood Care is highly secure and protected against unauthorized access or data breaches. This could be achieved through various security measures, such as encryption, access controls, firewalls, and regular security audits.

Always Free

Pathway Blood Care is always free, which helps to ensure that anyone who needs blood can receive it, regardless of their ability to pay. This promotes public health and well-being and attracts donors motivated by altruism and social responsibility.

100% Automated

Pathway Blood Care is 100% automated, utilizing technology to streamline the blood donation process and improve efficiency for donors and recipients. This includes features such as online appointment scheduling, automated blood testing, and real-time updates on blood availability.


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Pathway Blood Care is committed to advancing public policies that promote safety, increase availability, and spur innovation.

8 Blood Groups
320 Volunteer
52 Areas
5012 Donors

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The Blood Donation Process

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Featured Donor

Pathway Blood Care to recognize blood donors who have made significant contributions to the blood donation program. This helps to inspire donors and raise awareness of the importance of blood donation in saving lives.

What Blood Donors say

Our Regular honorable donor provides their Feedback

I found this on Facebook and I l really like this system. Hope I will be helped by this organization.

Md Shamim
(1 times donor)

I am so honored to be a part of this platform. I am a regular donor. Pathway Blood care has taken a really great step for humanity. I appreciate and pray for this charity organization.

Md. Shahin Kabir
(14 times donor)